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Deadly crashes inspire quest to ban trucks from Route 31

The date was May 31, 1999. Kavanaugh and her sister Anne Clancy had just completed a hike through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. They were driving to their parents house in West Windsor headed southbound on Route 31 in East[......]

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Journey into WeChat: Introduction


Most everyone in China and an increasingly large number of non-chinese are using WeChat, or as it’s known in China Wei Xin (微信), a multimedia social chat application. I’ve never been particulary excited by social media apps before being on the wrong side of the millenial divide but this one has ca[......]

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Trends from the Amcham Ecommerce Conference

Last week I attended a ecommerce conference featuring a number of fairly large players in the China ecommerce space.  Listening to the speakers a couple of big trends emerged that are worth repeating about what works in this space.  So here’s my not particularly complete list of key points that stuc[......]

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Ali’s Women Festival


Last year in November, 2013, China’s number 1 e-commerce powerhouse, Alibaba, achieved a milestone with its 11.11 Shopping Festival, with marketplace sales records reaching $ 5.78 Billion. This year, it set out another e-commerce venture, with its online platforms, and Taobao Marketplace[......]

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Tencent’s Acquisitions Take China’s Tech Industry By Storm

Tencent is the originator of extremely popular mobile messaging application WeChat. It is in fierce competition with Alibaba and Baidu, as both of them dominate the mobile Internet market in China. With huge investments and acquisitions over the last five years, Tencent has maximized its outreach th[......]

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