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UCLA in the News August 14

This year, St. Louis County invited researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles to help study complaints that county police had engaged in racial profiling and to help them improve protocols for matters ranging from traffic stops to neighborhood monitorin[......]

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Mississauga residents will get used to garbage a la cart every second week

it quite likely that many residents who
fake Michael kors handbags outlet don use their green bins will need a on how to use them. When the four bag collection every other week pilot took place in Ward 3, Councillor Chris F[......]

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Ali’s Women Festival


Last year in November, 2013, China’s number 1 e-commerce powerhouse, Alibaba, achieved a milestone with its 11.11 Shopping Festival, with marketplace sales records reaching $ 5.78 Billion. This year, it set out another e-commerce venture, with its online platforms, and Taobao Marketplace[......]

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Tencent’s Acquisitions Take China’s Tech Industry By Storm

Tencent is the originator of extremely popular mobile messaging application WeChat. It is in fierce competition with Alibaba and Baidu, as both of them dominate the mobile Internet market in China. With huge investments and acquisitions over the last five years, Tencent has maximized its outreach th[......]

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Ecommerce and China Web News of the Week – March 12

State of the Chinese Internet – Still big, getting bigger!
The CNNIC ( the China Internet Network Information Center) recently released their report on 2012.  As around the world the big news was the increasing rate of use for the mobile web.  Mobile use grew 18% while overall Internet users grew at[......]

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