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UCLA in the News August 14

This year, St. Louis County invited researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles to help study complaints that county police had engaged in racial profiling and to help them improve protocols for matters ranging from traffic stops to neighborhood monitorin[......]

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Rockdale inmate suing over excessive

By Rachel StockmanAn inmate who was housed at the Rockdale County Jail filed a federal lawsuit against the county and a Rockdale County deputy alleging use of excessive force against him inside the jail.An internal investigation found the deputy violated county[......]

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Deadly crashes inspire quest to ban trucks from Route 31

The date was May 31, 1999. Kavanaugh and her sister Anne Clancy had just completed a hike through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. They were driving to their parents house in West Windsor headed southbound on Route 31 in East[......]

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