WeChat (微信) Custom Development Services

In China and around the world WeChat is one of the fastest growing social networking services, and possibly the most advanced, with it's very forward looking public account's tools for businesses and developers. We are extremely excited by the possiblilities that WeChat offers to be able to build true conversations with customers. Through custom wechat development you can begin to engage customers within the tool that they are already using, no barrier to adoption, in the most natural way, through Chat and your own mobile website. Some of the possiblilities that we can help you explore are:

• Social Marketing Strategies
• Social Ecommerce
• Promotion Marketing
• Announcements
• Automated Customer Service
• Guided Surveys

The above is a list of a few of the applications that have been implemented so far, the beauty of WeChat is that it is a fairly open platform so that it can be connected directly to your own site and functionality. There are a few limitiations based on the API and terms of service, the key being the customer has to engage first, but as long as that rule is respected the possibilities are only limited by your business needs and imagination.

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