China Magento Extension

Achang Web Specific Magento developing for many years. We base on Shanghai. In order to make Magento more localization and fit for Chinese, we've developed a series functionalities on checkout process. See bellow:

Main Features

China User Profile
  • Merge first name and last name
  • Add username, email, telephone login
  • Add captcha
China Checkout
  • Remove billing address
  • Add city, district data for China
  • Add Chinese official invoice management - (fapiao)
  • Improve the translation
  • Add 'cash on delivery' payment
  • Chinese version Email Template
  • Support Alipay as a payment method
  • Support online bank payment


ACHANG webdev is thrilled to be contributing back the Magento ecommerce community that has allowed our business to grow and thrive. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for us or ideas on how we can improve this extension. Ecommerce and Website design and development firm Shanghai

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