Our experience has given us a deep knowledge of the web and our locations in Shanghai, China and Seattle, USA have given us the ability to provide insight into both the Western and Chinese web, helping you to strategize and execute online strategies wherever they are targeted. ACHANG webdev provides a full range of services for ecommerce, application and website design and development.

Web Application Development and Programming

Bring your application to the web with PHP/MySQL or Ruby on Rails.

WeChat Custom Development

Wechat strategy, design and development. We offer a full range of services helping you to design and executon on your social marketing strategies in one of the most advanced social network platforms.

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Ecommerce is all about sales, simple. This is no surprise to you but we wanted to make sure that you knew that we know too. It's fun to get distracted by lots of cool techno-jargon and shiny technologies but in the end we like to measure success by simply looking at how well the tools we build deliver ROI for our clients. Unfortunately with all things web the best way to achieve something simple is often quite complicated, but that's our part of the job. We're here to help guide you to the easiest and fastest way to reach your goals using the techniques and technologies we have found through experience are needed. Magento commerce is currently our tool of choice but every site is different so our strength is helping you to customize, unlock and take advantage of your unique ecommerce advantage.

China Ecommerce Market Entry

Just putting up a website does not guarantee success, especially in China. China not only has the most online users in the world, but also the most choices, and the fastest changing market. In order to make yourself known and be successful, a coordinated marketing strategy involving your Chinese ecommerce website, Taobao, Tmall, social networks, community portals, keyword advertising, word of mouth, and more has to be strategized and executed. That's where we come in.

Application Design and Development

Start a community, interact with your customers, train your employees, manage your health information. Whatever it is, we can take your idea from the back of a napkin to online with a full range of strategy, user research, planning, requirements development, user experience design, user interface design, and creative development, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We use a variety of web and mobile technologies depending on the requirements of the project, they include PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP, YII, iOS, Android

Website Design and Development

Website development has changed dramatically over the past ten years, instead of a website being a stand alone entity it is now part of a network of platforms and systems. Development to make your site fit your needs and stand out is critical but integration is now just as important. We can help guide you through the multitude of available platforms and systems in the market and help you to utilize them to save time and money and make your web presence more effective.

Dedicated Resources

Many of our clients have taken advantage of our ability to find train and bring on online technical resources dedicated to their projects. Having dedicated team increases speed of development and guarantees project continuity.